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Edinburgh to London Diary

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Day 9 - Tuesday 28th September 2010

An irritatingly late start caused by Newcastle rush hour. This means walking until almost dark to catch up when energy levels start to drop. We are well out of Newcastle now and towards Durham. A number of kind supporters cheering us on and walking part of the way with us.


We have now walked through miles and endless miles of grimy streets, all rather depressing in a grey drizzle. It's shocking how unaware we are in the south of the effects of the depression: pinched and sad faced women all with cupped fags, and waddling behind them are apparently terminally unemployed and tattooed men.

Six counties so far: Midlothian, East Lothian, Peebleshire, Roxburghshire, Northumberland, County of Durham.

Great hospitality from generous donors ranging from manor houses to wee crofts and all varieties in between. Several enthusiastic supporters walking with us as we bob along. I use 2 walking sticks to heave myself up the hills. I am sure I look like a great wally but I am beyond caring! Jane as elegant as ever, and what a callous slave driver she has turned out to be! Imagine if you will: there I am, way beyond the last gasp, purple faced and near collapse and I see what I know with total certainty is the finishing line.

"Only four more miles" cries Jane as she vanishes over the next hill. "Come on."

Until next time


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