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Day 4 - Thursday 23rd September 2010

The sticks I started with gave me tennis elbow! I now have sticks with small springs that allow me to bounce along. The hills are fine, I can lean into them, its going downhill that's the pain.

Harry goes on ahead accosting strangers with leaflets and drumming up support. Still sunny, it can't last!


There is nothing so wonderful than sitting in a piping hot bath with a cup of tea when you are truly knackered. Harry (The driver) refuses to go and see the sights but sits at mile spaces to encourage us. There is no other so warming a sight but to see the car and his finger signs of another mile done.

The air appears to be full of tiny biting insects - "no see ums" - who have taken a great fancy to me...

The last few days have been me proving to me that I can walk without my old bones popping through my flesh and my muscles cramping up!


Now at Flodden Field where in 1513 the poor old Scottish nobility were killed - along with 30,000 poor peasants who I am sure had no clue what they were fighting for.

The dead were all piled in a pit!

The king of the Scots gave a month's warning to Henry VIII of his intentions on grounds of chivalry. He died!


Up the 310th hill eyes apop, teeth stretched in a rictus grin between Flodden and Wooler. The sign said 8 miles to Wooler (when I thought we had got there!) And 2 miles on another sign saying 8 miles to Wooler! A fatwah on the road folk in Cumberland!


I now know what a catatonic state is when you stare at the ground thinking about the meaning of life...5 miles from Wooler...

Until the next time


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