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Day 26 - Friday 15th October 2010

My Aunt Daisy used to tell me, "If you can't say anything good about someone, better say nothing at all," so I do not propose to say anything much about Luton. I am whizzing through it on my second to last day.

Yesterday evening at around 3.15pm five of us were walking along the road into Luton when a DHL truck tried to kill us. They were travelling on the B road parallel to the M1 between Wood End and Flitwick. Only agility on our part saved us. I caught a glimpse of the driver's face; he was speaking on a mobile and at the same time he gave us the finger and blew his horn! A hideous member of the fat and tattooed class. He may have been the raunchy chap we disturbed going like a dingbat outside Wakefield (see earlier blog). We could give a testimony against him but I can't be bothered to call the cops. So I will content myself with what the Arab's are said to chant in such circumstances: " May the midges infest your armpits!" Well, I made that up of course, but if they don't say it they should!


Jane and I were joined by half a dozen jolly friends as we ended the penultimate walk in St Albans. More and more people are joining us as we apprach London. The reality that I may actually finish the walk is gaining acceptance!

I usualy end the day knackered. I often wonder how I must look to those who don't know me in (by now) old trainers and grubby clothes. I was given a hint this afternoon. The walk ended at the Bell pub in the High Street. It was closed. As soon as I arrived I sat moaning with relief on the step facing the street. A kind lady took one look at me and said solicitiously; "You poor man, here take this 50p for a cup of tea."

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