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Day 23 - Tuesday 12th October 2010

Well on the home track now as we are south of Northampton and walking through a series of beautiful villages. My legs are holding me up (sort of). But I am still vapourising turpentine from every orifice. Someone lit a ciggy near me yesterday and an observer swears that they saw a yellow and blue tinged flame flickering all over me. Its hard to blame anyone else (as is my usual reaction to accidents) for my debacle. The label warned with a skull and crossbones and a garish warning: "internal consumption can cause blindness". In fact, I escaped lightly. My only side effect was that I had an overwhelming urge to sing my very own bowdlerized version of the Hallelujah Chorus as I walked for most of yesterday...


Dreadful mistake today. We encouraged our gorgeous grand-daughter, Amelie, to walk with us. The snag is that she is only three months old and she insisted on bringing her parents with her. It was Noel Coward who said: "Never work with animals or children!"

As soon as she arrived, all the attention instantly shifted from me to her!

In fact it was a wonderful day. Oli and Lois (Amelie's parents) are a joy and so is she.

What a lucky guy I am to have such a family. They say that everyone "should have a battle to fight, a cause bigger than they are and a maiden to woo." I have all three.


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