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Day 21 - Sunday 10th October 2010

The most "sensitive" dinner I had on the trek was in a house near Newcastle.

I was hot and knackered really and all I wanted was to go to bed. After my bath we started to talk. Soon it became clear that our hostess was so left wing she thought Scargill was right wing. She appeared to disapprove of any sort of government. I decided it would be safer to talk about the weather than anything else. No chance, slowly she ferreted out of me that I had been privately educated. Then it slipped out that I had been in the army. Shock horror, the Guards, then it got worse and worse. She had been a veteran of Greenham Common where she had ben arrested with the CND and she had scar tissue to prove it. When she heard I had been an MP and a Tory to boot, it looked as if it was good night sweet prince! But then we both began to laugh, it was too late to throw me out of her house, and we had a lovely time. Given time, grass will grow on even the most bloody battlegrounds.

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