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Day 20 - Saturday 9th October 2010

From Keyworth to Twyford

I can tell a painful camber at 100 paces.

Most roads don't appear to cater for pedestrians or even cyclists. You should always walk facing the oncoming traffic. The trouble is that years of thundering cars have long since bedded down any hidden subsidence; the result is that when you walk on the edge, one leg is walking either up to six inches lower (or higher) than the other. After any distance, this places huge skeletal and muscular strain on my old system and leads to serious and increasing pain after a relatively short time. The only solution appears to be to walk smack in the middle of the road! In fact I try and beat the problem by dodging from side to side.

People keep asking about my feet. They have never been a problem. If I get sore anywhere (and from time to time I do) I do some yoga and walk through it.

It looks as if I have lost half a stone since I began. Not that I was exactly a fatty before I began. But I may have found the ideal weight reducing plan: walk from Edinburgh to London. But I don't think it will catch on somehow.

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