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Day 18 - Thursday 7th October 2010

Today we walked out of Barnsley, into Sheffield and then through Chesterfield! I've never been so knackered in my life! I have had the great pleasure of a number of guests, one day walkers, who walk with me. I like to see how they tackle the long hills that seem to climb all the way to heaven. Tim Gibbs - the son of the last governor of Rhodesia, Sir Humphrey Gibbs - walked with me today and he did really well.

I have a sort of walker's satnav with a little man (we call Fred) who walks the set route line. Fred works really well until he doesn't, as he failed today, indicating a route that wound back on itself so after an hours hard walking, we found ourselves back where we began. You won't be able to imagine how depressing that was. It wasted at least an hour traipsing round derelict houses on the outskirts of Sheffield.

We get wonderfully kind hospitality everywhere we go.

I know now driver Harry's nickname for me. I overheard him calling me "The Terminator".

Well, I've been called a lot worse in my time.

Now we are in Derbyshire.

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