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Day 16 - Tuesday 5th October 2010

Walked to Barnsley, never been here before... unlike the Wakefield lot, the Barnsley folk all smile and say, "How are you?" as if they really mean it and want to know the answer.

For the first time since I began I am ahead of schedule, so went into "I.B.Gorgeous" to have my hair cut by Sam ( a girl!) who is in business along with Anna, Emma, and Vickie, all excellent ladies, full of chat and interested in Zane. In fact, all those at the cutting edge of zane would be warmed if they knew how much people are interested in the drama that is being played out 5000 miles away and how much goodwill is being generated...


Now at Wentworth and another 19 miles done and dusted. A great day for walking, warm and overcast. Extraordinary that you can at one minute be in dreary suburbs and then all of a sudden you appear to be walking in Arcadia, spoiled I have to confess by the litter. As people apparently no longer walk, the bridle paths are deserted and in many cases overgrown. The hill out of Barnsley is the longest I have encountered.

Sad in the cities that there are so many hugely fat people waddling about. As there are so many of the obese I suppose they no longer see themselves as extraordinary.

Until tomorrow,


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