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Edinburgh to London Diary

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Day 10 - Wednesday 29th September 2010

What a dreary day! Constant rain and roads through Tony Blair's old constituency of Sedgfield. John Rennie, my son's father in law came with us, a great joy and encouragement.

One lorry roared past me at fifty and hit a Niagra of water over me. Jane said I gave a good impression of Munch' s scream as I emerged.

Now to the dog: she is highly intelligent and I swear she overheard our plans to walk around 400 miles. She clearly thought we were deranged. So in Zimbabwe fashion, she made a plan. In WW1 reluctant soldiers who wanted to go home, hit on the idea of shooting themselves in the foot; it was called a "Blighty" wound sufficient for the purpose of going home, but not so dangerous as to be life threatening. So the day before we set off Leah leaped over a cliff and cracked a bone in her shoulder.

For the past ten days she has lain in the back of my car wearing a soulful expression and I swear grinning at us as she is driven along.

In the last couple of months she has cost me a small fortune; she has had her insides reordered, (delicacy for a lady forbids me to go into detail), and now a series of x-rays of her blasted shoulder. If I have to spend any more on her I intend to float her on the stock exchange.

On towards Doncaster...

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